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1) Is Compromising Civil Rights Justified in the War On Terrorism? **
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In this timely video, guest debaters Dr. Steve Albrecht, President, Baron Center, Inc. San Diego and Dale Kelly Bankhead, Public Affairs Director, American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego & Imperial Counties debate whether methods used by government agencies to curb terrorism including surveillance techniques and detention of potential terrorists—violate Americans’ civil rights and whether such violation is justified.
1st Ed. 25 minutes TRT. 2002. Order # LML01602-189600

2) Is the Death Penalty Justified? **
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James Lambert, Author, Host “Night Lights” and Timothy Spann, Coordinator Amnesty International, Southern California take on the issue of whether the death penalty should be used to punish the most heinous crimes. Is the death penalty a deterrent? Is it justified on moral, or even economic grounds?Debaters focus on these questions.
1st Ed. 25 minutes TRT. 2002. Order # LML01602-189601

3) Is Cloning Ethical? **
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Speakers Dr. Larry Goldstein, UCSD Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Bruno J. Leone, Professor of European Intellectual History, SDSU, Author/Lecturer on Cloning and Creationism vs. Evolution take on the issue of cloning in this stimulating debate. Can science be trusted to behave ethically? Is cloning inherently bad?
1st Ed. 25 minutes TRT. 2002. Order # LML01602-189597

4) Is U.S. Military Action Against Nations That Support Terrorism Justified? **
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Guest speakers Dr. Omaran Abdeen, Council for American-Islamic Relations and New York Myke Shelby, Host “Streetalk” KCBQ radio, discuss what military and intelligence retaliation may be necessary against nations that support terrorism.
1st Ed. 25 minutes TRT. 2002. Order # LML01602-189599


5) Physician Assisted Suicide 2ndOPINION Debate Series **
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6) The War On Drugs 2ndOPINION Debate Series **
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7) Medical Marijuana: Who’s Misleading Who? **
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