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OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS Live Radio for Television Series

We would like to thank the following guests featured in our
Opposing Viewpoints series.

EPISODE Is the Death Penalty Justified?

James Lambert, Author and Host of “Night Lights”
Timothy Spann, Coordinator Amnesty International Southern California

EPISODE Is U.S. Military Action Against Nations That Support Terrorism Justified?

Omaran Abdeen, MD, Council for American-Islamic Relations
New York Myke Shelby, National Activist, Media Host

EPISODE Is Cloning Ethical?

Dr. Larry Goldstein, UCSD Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Investigator,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Bruno J. Leone, Professor of European Intellectual History, SDSU, Author/Lecturer on Cloning and Creationism vs Evolution

EPISODE Is Compromising Civil Rights Justified in the War on Terrorism?

Dr. Steve Albrecht, Dr. Steve Albrecht Workplace Violence Prevention San Diego
Dale Kelly Bankhead, Former Public Affairs Director, American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego & Imperial Counties


2ndOPINION Debate Series

Thank you to the following guests who are featured in our 2ndOPINION series.

EPISODE Medical Marijuana: Who’s Misleading Who?

Kevin Sabet, Co-Founder and President Int’l Students in Action
Doug Scribner, Orange County Director American Medical Marijuana Association

EPISODE The Mentally Ill On Death Row: Cruel or Justified?

New York Myke Shelby, National Activist and Media Host
Daniel Amen, MD, Director, Amen Behavioral Clinic
Lisa Routh, MD, Psychiatrist
John Mulligan, Minister, Johnson Avenue Church of Christ

EPISODE “STREET TALK” Drugs & Politics: What’s Wrong & Who’s Right?

with Host New York Myke
Lynn Harper, Media Host
Doug Scribner, Orange County Director American Medical Marijuana Association

EPISODE The Nudist Lifestyle: Healthy or Unhealthy?

Dr. Don Ardell, Director,
James Lambert, Author and Host of “Night Lights”
Reverend Fred Tarsitano, PhD, Senior Pastor


2ndOPINION Debate Series

We would like to thank the following guests who were featured in our 2ndOPINION series.

EPISODE Physician Assisted Suicide

Laurel Herbst, MD, former Medical Director, San Diego Hospice
Sallie Troy, President, San Diego Hemlock Society
Dr. Johan Boswinkel, Health Angel Foundation
Katherine Rabel, PhD, Clinical Nutritionist
H.W. “Skipper” Ragsdale, III, Anderson-Ragsdale Mortuary
Linda Stratton, Community Education Specialist
Deborah Stravasnik, San Diego Hospice Survivor
John J. Chappell, Pharmacist, San Diego Hospice

EPISODE The War On Drugs

Jonathan Freedman, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
Scott Greer, MD, Director Center for Family Health
Frances Kuhn, Student, D.A.R.E. Program
Dion Markgraaff, Marijuana Reform Activist
Stacy Muckleroy, Student, SDSU
Connie O’Kelley, Commercial Film Actress


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